6 Most Affordable Wrist Watches Brands to Consider while going for a Watch

The accessories fuels up your fashion sense. Let it be wallets, belts, or watches, everything adds up to your style. To look elegant, you need to tune up with fashion. Buying a watch can be really difficult if you haven’t chosen the right brands to go with. Moreover, the budget is always an issue while going for a wrist watch. In India, Titan watches, Fastrack watches, Timex watches, and few others are from the most affordable brands.


Most Affordable Wrist Watch Brands to Go With

Wrist watches can be really expensive beyond your imagination. You need to be clever enough to choose the best wrist watch brands that design stylish watches at budget price. If you are bit unfamiliar with it then we have done this homework for you. Here is the list of some of the most affordable wrist watches brands.


The Titan watches top our list of most affordable wrist watch brands in India. It is the fifth largest watch manufacturing company in the world and is a joint venture of Tamil Nadu Industrial Corporation and Tata Group. It designs digital, analog, analog-digital, and chronograph watches. The price range starts from as low as 400INR and go as high as 150000INR.


It is one of largest wrist watch producer from Japan. It is the true leader in technology when it comes to watches that run on solar energy. Each watch by the company is the classic masterpiece. It makes chronograph, analog, and analog-digital watches. The range of watches starts from 3000INR and goes as high as 195000INR.


This watch manufacturing company of USA has never failed to deliver the best wrist watches in the industry from decades. It is also one of the leading brands in India and is well known for its German engineered watches having Italian design. It manufactures digital, analog, analog-digital, and chronograph watches. The price starts from 500INR and goes as high as 18000INR.


It is another popular brand of wrist watches that is loved by people of all ages. This Japanese manufacturer also designs different electronic products, but the wrist watches are on the top. It was the first company that launched GPS automatic solar watch. The watches start from a price of 700INR that goes as high as 27000INR.


It has almost been a decade since Titan launched its sub brand Fastrack in 2008 for the younger generation. Its sports watches gained immense popularity among the youth. The price of its watches starts from 550INR and goes as high as 5000INR.


This American wrist watch brand is popular for variety of styles and designs it offers to the wrist watch lovers. It has even launched the smartwatches. You can avail the Fossil watches from a minimal price of 4000INR that goes as high as 24000INR.

The Last Words

Surely, Fastrack, Timex, and Titan are the most affordable wrist watches brands in the market. If you need to go with options then the Titan watches will delight you with the variety.

4 Great Ways to Gift One Piece Dress to your Lady love

Are you the man who loves to gift exotic stuff to your lady love? If yes then have you ever tried different ways to gift her your present. If not then this post will surely help you out in finding ways to gift her your present in different manner every time. Buying a one piece dress for her and presenting it to her in an old-fashioned way is not your cup of tea if you wish to spice up the things.


Ways to Present Gifts to your Lady Love

There are endless ways to surprise your lady love by presenting her the one piece dress you just bought. Out of these different ways, we have confined the best 4 for you. You can try them out and see the happiness in sparkling eyes of your love.

Improbable Delivery Man

You love might be expecting a gift from you on a special occasion and will think that you will be gifting her your present. But here comes the twist. You can hire someone to present the gift to your lady. If you have a pet then it would also work fine. Just tie the gift on its tail or collar. If you are married and have kids then you can even ask the kid to present the gift to your wife. Your wife will surely be not prepared to receive a gift from you in this manner.

Fake Out Packaging

If you are quite infamous for the poor choices of gifts in the past then the seeds of disappointment will turn to joy quickly. Start with an empty box and keep the one piece dress inside the box. Now wrap the box with gift wrapper and then pack it inside another box. Make sure you do this 5-6 times. When your love will open it, she will be bored, but once see opens the final box, you can feel the delight in her eyes.

Scavenger Hunt

You might have played such game sin you childhood. It is the time to play this game again with your lady love. Give her clues after clues so that see can search for her present and get excited for it. She will definitely love to see your present after a long search. Search for some dress from Gofynd.com

Unexpected Discovery

Gift her when it is least expected by her. She will be surprised to receive a present in this way. You can keep the gift at such a place which is often visited by her. Once she catch hold of your gift that doesn’t have any name, just pass a smile to her and she will understand that you are person behind the gift. You can try this when she is angry. This will surely cool down her anger.

The Last Words

Presenting a one piece dress to your love just like a normal gift is old-fashioned way. Just surprise her. Play games while presenting her the dress you wish to see her in. Make it a big moment, not a small affair.