400 suicide cases reported in Tripura this year 2011


39123796Agartala: Altogether 400 cases of suicide, including 119 women, has so far been registered in Tripura this year, official report revealed here today.

According to the report, the maximum number of suicides was recorded at 71 in March last, highest in the state in a single month.

National Crime Record Bureau (NCRB) indicates though Tripura has been leading to the list of suicide-prone states in the country, the incidences of suicide have reduced substantially over past 15 years.

The NCRB record stated that 1150 people committed suicide in 1995-96 in Tripura, while only 678 in 2010-11 and this year it showed a declining trend in curve.

The NCRB study said the suicidal deaths were increasing among the farmers and reason for this rise varies from poverty to strains.

Altogether 236 farmers took the extreme steps in Tripura in 1995-96 and the maximum number of suicide among the farmers was reported from the areas which are remote and insurgency prone.

Besides, insurgency drug related depression and addiction, domestic violence and dowry related incidents were identified as major causes for committing suicide among women.

In the period between 1999 and 2003, 4,228 people committed suicide, against the figure of abduction of 1,790 people in the state and most of suicide were in the insurgency victim family, state home department record pointed out.

Dr A K Nath, a leading Psychiatrist of northeast, says the suicide rate is alarming in Tripura because the general atmosphere in the state is depressing.

Dr Nath did a sample study in 2001 at Royerpara in West Tripura district and he found that this area, which mostly comprises people displaced by the insurgency, has witnessed at least one suicide per family in the past decade.